• Are You Ready?

    Why It's Time To Discover YOU

    The world needs YOU (yes, YOU) now more than ever.

    Different people, personalities and gifts resonate with the people who need them.

    How long are you going to continue to keep your light and gifts hidden from those who are waiting for you?

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    Know Your Worthiness

    Do you know, down to your bones, that you are worthy?

    After many years of doing energetic and Shamanic work the one truth that has been made clear to me is that at the root of everything is a lack of worthiness. This comes in different flavors for everyone, and yet, at it's core, there it sits, an ominous, stealthy thief who is slowly, and consistently stealing your infinite power and magnificence.

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    We are waiting for YOU!

    Are you feeling a deep inner calling for something more, but you just can't see it clearly?

    That small voice is coming from deep within you, and you've likely been hearing it getting louder, and feeling bigger; like a tidal wave that simply will not be held back any longer. It's a calling, your calling, to step fully into your '10', to come into alignment and to share your gifts with the world - they are desperately needed now more than ever!

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    Reclaim Your Power

    Did you give up on believing you're special and have something amazing to offer the world?

    If life has been happening 'to' you, you may have lost sight of what's truly special 'about' you and you have definitely given some of your power away. Are you ready to reclaim your power and own your gifts - whatever they are?

  • This is for you if...

    • You have you been working on setting boundaries and then feeling guilt, or even shame, when you allow others to walk all over them.
    • You feel like you're swallowing, or even choking on, your words as you hold them back for fear of what might happen if you speak your truth.
    • Most of your decisions, large and small, are made based on the expectations of others.
    • The idea of asking for help (without feeling that you have to reciprocate) creates an instant and visceral resistance within you.
    • You feel like nobody wants to hear what you have to say.
    • You feel like you're one person on the inside, but you show an entirely different person to the outside world.
  • Want to Work With Trish Directly?

    Trish shows you how to discover and own your power so you can

    claim the magnificence of YOUR "10"

  • Offerings

    Stepping into owning your power is a very personal process. We've designed 4 unique offerings for you to explore that will match your readiness, your pace, your flow AND your wallet! Discover the option that will serve you...

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    The Questions

    An email newsletter with a powerful Question of the Week!



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    The Discovery

    A monthly membership program - this is super cool - check it out!

    $47 CDN/month


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    The Journey

    A 4-week deep dive facilitated by the practitioner of your choice!

    $500 CDN


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    The Integration

    A 3-month facilitated process that takes you beyond experience and into integration!

    $2500 CDN

  • Services

    Empowering you to claim the magnificence of YOUR "10"

    The Journey - Jaguar

    The Journey

    For Individuals

    This is for those of you who are feeling a deep tide rising within you. You know you're here for something more, that you have something special to offer AND that the world needs it! This inner knowing is becoming so huge, you are no longer able to hold it back, and yet with everything you've already tried and done there's still something holding you back from owning your magnificence!


    The Journey is a powerful transformational process that not only helps you 'see' what is possible, but also integrates the shifts necessary to own your power and step fully into your '10'!

    Trish Bishop, Energy Integration Coach

    Energy Integration Coaching

    For Corporate Leaders

    We are in a whole new world and old school leadership is no longer working. This program provides leaders with a whole new toolkit, leveraging your own inherent intuitive superpowers, taking you from a great leader to freaking AWESOME! Your team will love you for it, but more, you'll watch their performance blow every current KPI out of the water!

    Are you ready to create massive transformation for your team?


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  • Work with Trish One-on-One

    Empowering you to claim the magnificence of YOUR "10" so you can own and

    share your gifts with confidence and clarity!