• About Trish

    Trish grew up in Lower Sackville, a small bedroom community just outside of Halifax, Nova Scotia. She was accepted to Mount Saint Vincent University directly from Grade 11 due to her high level of academic achievement. However, a bit of a rebel, Trish despised all aspects of university life and within three months she stopped attending classes. Fast forward three years and Trish was a 20-year-old waitress, a single mother and effectively a high school dropout. Upon receiving her first, and last, welfare cheque she decided to take responsibility for her own life and provide the best life possible for her son, Devan.


    Trish met her husband Paul when Devan was 6 months old. Paul encouraged Trish to return to high school to get her Grade 12 and then take a Business and Information Technology course through the Nova Scotia Community College the following year. During this time Paul and Trish delivered 200+ newspapers each morning starting at 4 am. Trish then went to school from 8 am until 3 pm, and then worked at the Halifax Herald newspaper from 3pm until 8 pm, getting home just in time to put Devan to bed each night. Weekends were time for Devan and homework.


    Near the end of her business course Trish was offered a position with Atlantic Connect, one of the first residential Internet Service Providers in Canada. She recalls trying to convince people that “someday email will be a great idea.” This experience launched Trish's career as an IT Solution Implementation Specialist. She went on to work as a Senior Project Manager, Requirements Manager and Solution Architect, designing and implementing global enterprise learning solutions for Fortune 500 organizations.


    Another turning point came when Trish was diagnosed with Scleroderma in 1998, just after giving birth to her daughter Brooke, and was told that she would be lucky to live another seven years. Upon receiving her diagnosis, against the advice of her doctors, Trish refused all medications and decided to look for alternative healing options. These included practical methods, such as diet and exercise; however, she was most powerfully drawn towards learning how healing the spirit can heal the body. Much of Trish's healing journey was trial and error, yet within a very short period of time, she was able to not only stop the progression of the dis-ease, but to start to reverse the symptoms.


    In 2004, Trish and Paul read “The Detox Book” by Bruce Fife, N.D. One sentence in that book changed their lives forever: “The underlying cause for all dis-ease is malnutrition, toxic accumulation and excess stress.” Trish and Paul decided that they would prove the theory. So they dedicated one year of their lives to nourishing their bodies with natural, organic foods; eliminating toxins through progressive and sometimes radical cleansing; and eliminating stress by letting go of their attachment to "things" and "expectations". The results were astounding. Both Trish and Paul, who were suffering from different auto-immune dis-eases, had the same result – by the end of that year they had virtually eliminated all symptoms of their prior conditions.


    However, Trish's personal journey of self discovery wasn't quite complete. She knew there were still issues showing up in her life that needed to be addressed. So she continued to learn more about how the health of the spirit affects our physical bodies. She learned that, while toxins, malnutrition and stress may be the causes for dis-ease, how the dis-ease manifests can often be related to our emotional or spiritual health. For Trish, due to earlier childhood issues, she had closed off her heart to others, in essence restricting it – she believes the physical manifestation of that was Scleroderma, a very restrictive dis-ease. As Trish learned to once again open her heart to others, the remaining symptoms disappeared and her destructive patterns were replaced with a life of joy and deep contentment.


    Trish does not consider herself an expert because she is asking these powerful questions. Rather, she will be the first to tell you that her expertise stems from the fact that she has had to answer each of these questions for herself throughout the course of her journey. She believes that each of us is our own expert, and the only reason we may feel otherwise is because we have dismissed our own intuition and inner knowledge primarily due to the fact that we have been conditioned to look outside of ourselves for what we have come to define as "expertise" and "knowledge". Her hope is that The Question Journey can become a stepping stone for people to learn to trust their own intuition again, to trust that they can look inside themselves for the answers and, finally, to trust that they have the courage to voice those answers and allow their truth to take them on their own journey towards becoming their authentic self.


    Trish and Paul's mission is “To educate and inspire others to wake up and consciously Choose2Live.” As part of their commitment to helping others reclaim their lives, Paul has become qualified as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Trish has trained as a Shaman and Certified Angel Guide.

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