• What If...

    You were really clear about how and what you want your life to be?

    You knew how to transform or release toxic relationships from your life?

    You knew why you are here and how to share your gifts with the world?

    You could stand in the knowledge of who you really are without fear of judgment or the expectations of others?

    Author, Trish Bishop

    Are You Ready?

    The knowledge of who and what we are lives within each of us, always. You will NOT find your answers outside of yourself. There's a reason Tony Robbins has an entire program called, "I am Not Your Guru", because the best coaches KNOW that all they can do is guide you by asking you the questions that will allow you to both discover, and own, your answers. All you need to do for powerful transformation is make the time and be open, quiet and willing to explore it. The Question JourneyTM is a perfect tool to guide you through this!


    The Question JourneyTM is a stunning and engaging book that is not meant to be read, but experienced. Beyond the introduction, it is full of powerful questions and beautiful artwork to invite you to explore the depths and brilliance of YOU!


    The true gift of The Question JourneyTM is that it was created collaboratively in love, with many people contributing both questions and art to bring this transformational experience to you.


    The Question JourneyTM not only gives you powerful tools, but empowers YOU to silence the stealthy sabotage that seems to consistently show up in your life:

    • to turn down the volume on the little voice in your head that stops you from having what you want, and

    • turn up the volume on the small whisperings of your heart's desires,

    • to reclaim your dreams and what you really want, instead of what others have wanted for you or what you chose to do to please others,

    • to identify and let go of the limiting beliefs that you may not even know you carry around,

    • to uncover what you truly, authentically like and love about yourself, and

    • to discover the fears behind the fears so you can get unstuck and move forward.

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