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    "The Question JourneyTM is a leg workout for the Soul!" ~Jason T. Powell - Full Circle Warrior Podcast

    Author, Trish Bishop

    "There are times in one's life when a gift comes along bearing treasures of unimaginable value. These powerful offerings often appear innocent at first - until one embraces them - and then the magic unfolds. The Question JourneyTM is such a gift. On the surface it holds beautifully inscribed pages of what appear to be simple lines of text - the questions. Yet, here are the doorways to the most powerful source of wisdom in the Universe - ourselves. Having walked the path of transformation thousands of times in my career with my clients and the more powerful quest of my own transformational passageways - I feel blessed to have found a vehicle to make the journey even more powerful, exciting and enjoyable Great work Trish! And Thanks."

    ~Lesley Southwick-Trask, Founder of BURST! Transformation and Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada


    “…The strategy behind this beautiful undertaking is such that it engages the reader to journey on a path of discovery and truth, calling upon our own innate wisdom to recognize and become aware of that which we may not want to even acknowledge about ourselves. The questions throughout this book are brilliantly thought-provoking yet, in their simplicity, compel the reader to question where, exactly, our limiting beliefs are stemming from. The Question JourneyTM shows us how we’ve allowed these beliefs to justify our complete absolution from any accountability in how our life is progressing. In asking ourselves these questions, awareness can be gleaned from the potentially destructive thought patterns that have stunted, if not completely ground to a halt, our own evolutionary growth…”

    ~Maricel Piercey, Author, Freelance Writer and Artist


    “The Question JourneyTM is an excellent tool to help people get to the heart of who they are, what they want, and what they have to offer to the world. The open-ended questions are written in such a way that once one starts to answer them genuinely and openly, a deeper relationship with oneself is sure to emerge. And in the end, that is the most important relationship we have. I recommend The Question Journey to anyone who wants to explore their inner thoughts and ideas to enable a more creative approach to life.”

    ~ Bernadette McCormack, Artist  


    “The Question JourneyTM is a wonderful book that is very helpful for spiritual and emotional healing and connecting to the wisdom of your heart. The book contains very relevant, deep and helpful questions that you can use for your inner work. The illustrations and art in the book are very beautiful and such a great complement to the book, as well as the insightful quotes of wisdom throughout.

    I really enjoyed reading the book and working with the questions. I can highly recommend this book to anyone! Thank you Trish!

    ~Ira Heidemann, Jikiden Reiki Practitioner


    “I love this book. It’s totally refreshing and unique. I interview a lot of amazing authors with incredible books, but this book for me for some reason rose above the noise. I think there is a great element of fun and learning in this book. Fun and

    learning is a good thing”

    ~ Jesse Dylan

    Author of "The Good Life" and Host of "The Good Life Show"

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    What Others are Saying About The Journey

    Bobby Robidoux

    "First let me say that this journey, this experience, had unforeseen and profound value for me. I believe it has the potential to be helpful to anyone, no matter what season of your life you are in. I imagine some would be drawn to explore The Question Journey (book) and The Journey in times of difficulty or darkness. Perhaps you might have been drawn here in a time of confusion or longing. Personally, I entered the experience primarily in a place of curiosity. In the beginning, I honestly wondered if my low-stakes position would limit the overall impact of my experience. WOW! I was blown away.


    I explored parts of my past and of my present that I had not expected. I found closure and gratitude and excitement in unexpected places. I discovered a deep understanding around career choices, relationships and past decisions that I didn't even realize were still lingering in the background. I found new perspective and fresh air. All this in the better part of a week.


    While most of my journey and much of the work was independent and private, Trish's role can not be undervalued. She struck a beautiful balance of being insightful, available and invested in my experience while respecting any boundaries or space I needed.


    Thank you to The Journey and to Trish. I have recommended exploring The Question Journey to many of my loved ones and I would encourage you to consider it as well."

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    Ricardo Paes shares his experience with

    The Journey


    (3 Minute video)

    Connect with Ricardo for mediumship, custom meditations, dream interpretations and to discover Triadin Tales (a beautiful and inspiring manga art story that continues to unfold!)