• Imagine ...

    • What it would feel like if you could set boundaries that serve you and not feel shame or guilt when you refuse to allow others to cross those boundaries.

    • What would your life look like if you could hold your boundaries in a space of unconditional love - honoring yourself and the other person.

    • How empowered you would feel if you could speak your truth, to yourself (to shut up the monkey mind that is not serving you) and to others.

    • How free you would feel if you could stand in your power and choose not to submit to the expectations of others - to live your life on your terms.

    • If you knew you could put your hand up and ask for help without feeling like you have to reciprocate - not only knowing you are worthy of receiving support from others, but that the people who love you truly want to help you.

    • What it would feel like if you could share your ideas and thoughts, in any forum, knowing that what you have to say has value and that there will be at least one person in the room (and often many more) who not only wants, but NEEDS, to hear what you have to say - the way you say it, and because it's you who is saying it. To know that you, your energy, and your gifts affect others around you in powerful ways.

    • If you could feel both confident and peaceful within your own body because how you feel, what you say, and how you show up in the world are aligned.

    • If you could feel...complete in your imperfection.

  • The Why

    Watch this quick video to learn more about The Discovery and why it may be exactly what you've been waiting for!

    The How

    This monthly membership program provides you with the tools to take ownership of your own transformation and development:

    • To discover the hidden stories and beliefs that are holding you back that you cannot see,

    • To help you trust your intuition and listen to that deep inner voice, and

    • To ensure that what the outside world sees and experiences is matching all of the awesome work you're doing on the inside!

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  • What's Included in Your Membership

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    The Book

    The Question JourneyTM is not just a book, it's an experience. There are only a few pages to read to get you started, then you can dive into these powerful questions. There is gorgeous artwork throughout and the pages are designed for you to draw or journal all over them.

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    Your Discovery Map

    You'll receive a new Discovery Map every 4 weeks. Your Discovery Map provides structure and guidance for your journey.


    *Images ©2018 Mystical Shaman Oracle Deck Alberto Villoldo, Colette Baron-Reid and Marcela Lobos
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    Weekly Questions

    These powerful questions will guide you through how to work with each of the cards in your Discovery Map.

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    Monthly Calls

    The monthly group drop-in call is where you get to connect with others who are also on their own transformational journey. It's where you get to share your experiences and growth with others in an safe and sacred space.

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