Welcome to The Discovery of YOU!

I am so excited you're here! Congratulations on investing in you and your personal growth and transformation. Remember to always check in with yourself to confirm this program is providing you value, when it isn't, make sure you cancel your membership - always honour your time and money!

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A few housekeeping items: 

  • Please ensure trish@thequestionjourney.com is on your email safelist as all communications will be via email. 
  • You will receive your first email within 24 hours of signing up for your membership
  • Your 4-week cycles start when you do, you don't need to wait until the beginning of the month to begin! 
  • The monthly drop-in call will be be held at 6pm CT on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. An invitation will be sent to your email. These are optional drop-in calls and are designed for you to share your wins and experiences with others on the journey with you! 
  • I'll also send out emails if I come across something that is in alignment with the current Discovery Map you are working with. This will generally be a quote, meditation or other gem I think will help you! 

How The Discovery Process Helps You Become Your Own Coach

  • Discover how empowering it is when you take owership of your own growth and transformation, and step into your '10'!
  • You will start to feel whole, aligned, and more and more confident as you experience the cycle of  trusting your inner voice, releasing what no longer serves you then seeing validation as others respond to your transformation. 
  • Ultimately, this program is about empowering you to become your own coach (NOTE: if you're already working with a coach - definitely keep doing that, this program can stand alone, however, it is also a great support capability to an existing coaching relationship as it will help build your confidence in listening to your own inner voice. All great coaches want you to discover your own answers!)
  • The world is waiting for YOU! 

Below is a quick 2 minute video explaining more about how this works. 

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