The North - Sewar-Kenti (Hummingbird)

Infusing your passion and vision into your business' energetic signature

· The North - Week 3

Meeting Link - Monday, August 16 @ 2pm PT / 4pm CT / 5pm ET / 10pm BST

Hummingbirds achieves a seemingly impossible journey as they travel over 500 miles over the ocean, with no option to rest (no back door, once they set out, they are committed) as they migrate every year from North America to Machu Picchu. Hummingbird invites you on your own epic journey, becoming flexible and agile as you easily see and navigate the twists and turns of your business. The hummingbird also asks you to open your heart and seek the sweetness of the abundant nectar that is yours to have. Hummingbird teaches us to be gentle with ourselves and protect our personal space.

Archangel Uriel also holds space in the North and represents structures (systems, processes, etc.) and the body. Remember that taking care of you IS taking care of your business. 

Wisdom and Purpose

Sit with your North card and think of it in terms of your vision and what you're ready to commit to.

Above is an image I channeled a few months ago with a dear friend of mine Sasha Lipskaia (an artist I'm not - LOL). While you're in the North, hold space for this type of simplicity - that as you show up in all of your infinite power (and it IS infinite) and glory and hold the intention, and vision, for the highest good that that will manifest in ways you cannot even imagine, and understanding that even trying to imagine it using ourr limited human capacity to understand miracles can actually get in your way. Simply step into a space of knowing that you are worthy of, and should expect, reciprocal abundance then keep showing up holding that vision and intention.

  • What wisdom is ready to mature within you? 
  • What is your business' true purpose?
  • Are you open to a new adventure - however that may show up?What systems do you need to support your business, to allow you to step out of the role of 'doer' and into the role of creator and facilitator of your business' purpose?
  • Be open and allow anything else that needs to show up a this time. This is less about going inside of yourself and more about being open to receiving information from Spirit. 
  • Check to see if anything needs to change in your sandpainting. 
  • Remember to remain open and aware throughout the day and watch for signs of areas your business you need to pay attention to. 
  • TRUST your intuition! 
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